Captain Obvious e-juice

"As the Vape World keeps coming out with new E-Juices every day, the people need a hero to help them discover the most obviously amazing juices on the planet! That’s why I, Captain Obvious, am here! Don’t fear, Captain Obvious will save the day! We have just what you need to satisfy those vaping cravings! Send me a message on our contact form to learn more about me or my juices! I will get back to you and make sure you feel safe in this crazy Vape World we all live in! Happy Vaping my friend!"

After reading the above (that's taken word for word right from the Captain Obvious website) it's clear that Captain Obvious is the comic book lovers' ejuice with superhero imagery leaving quite the impression on any one who needs to be "saved" with a "superhero vape break."


Captain Obvious is a lesser known brand of eJuice that is growing in popularity rather quickly