A Little Bit About Us...

Hempire State Smoke Shop was established November 1, 2014 in Rochester, NY, the city where the owners, Eric and Helen grew up in. We are more than just a smoke shop. We are like a refreshing blast back to the 60's.

Straight talk can be pretty refreshing in a world where everything seems muddled with fakery and lies.  That's how we approach life and business and that is why we consider "Mr. Natural" our mascot.  His "natural" approach to life is something we take to heart and employ in our business practices.  You will get the "straight dope" from us on our products and pricing without a bunch of nonsense.  We aren't looking to sell you.  We are looking to do business with you.

Just like Mr. Natural's most famous aphorism: "Mr. Natural sez, Use the right tool for the job." and we got every tool to suit any smoker or vaper's needs.