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Thai White

Known for it's mood enhancing effects Thai White kratom is chock-full of various kratom alkaloids. Stimulation, energy, nootropic (cognitive boosting), and endurance are all positive effects that Thai White produces making this kratom strain an excellent use case for those suffering from depression.  

For some people Thai White has replaced their morning coffee.  The trade off is a much cleaner and focused energy than the jittery energy of caffeine and other stimulants provide. The reason for this goes back to this strain being filled with many different alkaloids.  Both energetic and analgesic alkaloids are present in this strain.  This contributes to its endurance promoting effects by increasing energy and dampening the pain response.




Although this strain has been around for thousands of years, it has only been in the past few years that this strain has risen in popularity.

From the Sumatra island in Indonesia , a tropical climate, ideal for the immense number of wild-growing kratom trees which naturally populate the area due to the weather being rainy and humid quite often, this strain has some properties and effects that set it apart from the usual kratom strains people tend to associate with.

Sumatra kratom produces both medicinal and recreational effects,which are very physical in feeling with mental effects as well.  These effects help a great deal with pain relief and is the main reason why people tend to use the the Sumatra strain of kratom. This is due to Sumatra kratom containing a high level of 7-hydroxymitragynine (7-OHM), a potent opiod agonist alkaloid which mimics the brain’s natural endorphins and enkephalins.  Many people consider Sumatra a very potent strain.



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White Dragon

White Dragon kratom is considered a bit of a "miracle cure" for multiple mental disorders to those in the kratom community.  Anxiety, agoraphobia, and panic disorders are all mental ailments that white dragon helps with.  This strain is also good for pain.   There are claims from opiate users who suffered withdrawal (or are tapering to get clean now) that this strain is the the one to use for those trying to kick a bad opiate habit.  A very strong body effect will be produced from white dragon that is quite comforting to the average kratom user.



Red dragon


Red Dragon kratom gets it's name from the strain's leaves that have a reddish hue.  Said to relieve pain such as headaches and helps to reduce stress, red dragon kratom is also known to stimulate the brain and enhance mental concentration. This makes a person more wakeful and alert and is a go to choice for many kratom users.  It is also known to mimic the effects of caffeine, making the brain to drift off or make it more heedful.

Red Dragon is the perfect strain for people who want to keep up with the fast-paced life.



Borneo is the world’s largest exporter of kratom, and with good reason.  Known for it's painkilling, euphoric, and addiction treating properties, few kratom strains can accomplish these medicinal feats better than Borneo can.  There are multiple reasons for this, one of them is that it has some of the most ideal climates for growing strong kratom, similar to the Sumatra strain of kratom. 

However,  Borneo is  rather large island making it home to differing climates and weather conditions.

Kratom has been used medicinally in this area for thousands of years, Although Borneo strains can vary depending on the region and type, they share many common characteristics which keep them in such high demand. In fact, the vast majority of this island’s kratom is still harvested directly from the wild mature trees that cover the area.

Borneo is one of the most, if not the most, sedating strain of kratom because of it’s high level of the alkaloid 7-hydroxymitragynine. It is this same alkaloid that gives it the vast majority of its medicinal qualities which include pain relief, mood improvement, addiction treatment, stress and anxiety relief, and insomnia relief.   Some varieties even help with depression relief.




Also known as "Green Malay" this strain of kratom has been used for centuries in Malaysia.  It is known as ‘Super’ Green Malay due to its higher potency and high impact. It has gained a lot of reputation because its effects are long lasting and enjoyable. The long lasting effects of malay also make it more cost effective for regular kratom users.  Since it is cheaper and provides a more significant boost of energy, which lasts longer compared to many other strains of kratom, most users of kratom out there consider this strain to be better than all other strains of Kratom.

Its main effect is energy.  People who use this strain of kratom experience a boost in senses accompanied by a feeling of heightened happiness.  Joy and euphoria, as well as relief from chronic pain are also produced from this strain. Furthermore this strain helps with those who have a lack of concentration, boredom at work, anxiety, stress, and depression.  Moreover, those suffering from chronic pain such as arthritis, osteoporosis, migraines, backaches, sciatica, etc. can significantly benefit from the malay kratom strain, making malay a type of "cure-all" strain to many.




If you are looking for quick and effective relief from pain or wanting to enhance your mood, then this is the strain for you.  Bali kratom strains effects are wide-ranging and cure common problems. The leaves of this kratom strain are larger than average and grow at a faster rate. This makes Bali Kratom to be easy to locate, and greater quantities can be produced, thereby making it cheaper than other strains of Kratom.  A huge plus for many regular kratom users on strict budgets.

Bali Kratom, has different alkaloids present within it, and the area where it is grown affects the amount of alkaloid within it, creating a variety of "mini-strains" within the main Bali strain itself (ie. Red Bali Kratom).

Overall, bali kratom is a popular choice among kratom enthusiasts.




Also known as "Indo Kratom" for short, this popular kratom strain hails from Indonesia (as the name clearly implies) and grows abundantly in the country due to the ideal humidity, rainfall and sunlight, making Indonesia one of the best regions for growth and production and making Indonesian kratom one of the most potent and powerful kratom strains on the market today.

Indonesian kratom is a very desired strain due to the wide array of effects it produces which include pain relief, relaxation, sedation, and mood enhancement.  It is also noted that Indonesian kratom can help subdue the withdrawal effects of opiate addiction.


 Kratom Powder and Gel Cap Samplers Available at Hempire State Smoke Shop In Rochester NY.  These samplers contain a mix of popular red, green, and white kratom strains.  They are an excellent way for those who are new to kratom and need to find a kratom strain that meets their needs.

Kratom Powder and Gel Cap Samplers Available at Hempire State Smoke Shop In Rochester NY.  These samplers contain a mix of popular red, green, and white kratom strains.  They are an excellent way for those who are new to kratom and need to find a kratom strain that meets their needs.